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Korean reInvented

Green Choy is a modern taken on Korean Street Food with a twist. We use local fresh high quality ingredients to recreate the bold flavours from the most loved Soul dishes.


Our aim is simple – Good food that respects our planet and is affordable to everyone. 



Chef Jose Caetano is  highly experienced chef and operated in some London’s most famous restaurants.  With over ten  years of experience on Pan Asian cousine and  the ambition to create something special Jose has initiated his career  as an entrepreneur  in 2019


In 2020 he started  Pad Thai Group with one goal in mind: provide an enjoyable and affordable  dining experience. With dishes that are fresh, simple, hearty and  made from high quality ethically  sourced ingredients. 







We want our clients to have an amazing dinner experience but we also want to make sure we respect our  Planet. Remember, there is NO PLANET B. We love our community that's why we support it as much as we can. We carefully select all our food suppliers. We always like to make sure that our food is not only delicious but also made from the best locally sourced natural ingredients. We purchase from small-scale local producers and suppliers as they are the fundamental pillar of our community. By buying from small-scale farmers we ensure that their craft continues so that future generations can enjoy a rich variety of healthy locally produced foods. All items on our menu are made from natural ingredients with passion and dedication with no artificial conservatives or additives. Healthy living and strong ties with our local community is the backbone of our business.


Restaurants and takeaways generate tons of waste every year polluting the only planet we have to live in. We don’t like it and we believe as a business we can always do better. That's why all our boxes and takeaway containers and other consumables are 100% biodegradable and we have a Zero policy on the usage of plastic bottles or containers in all our shops.

Organic Vegetable Farm
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